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Psychic Motivator & Psychic Spiritual Medium

Do you need motivation to help you achieve your goals?
Are you at a turning point in your life and you need guidance?
Are you in a predicament and you cannot see a way out ?
Do you want to contact someone who was dear to you and is deceased ?
Is there "unwelcome" spirits or ghosts in your abode or place of business ?
Do you want help with interviews & Employee selection?
Do you need help with
corporate / business decision making?
I can help you with Corporate decision making and employing the right people for the right job.

I can help you and the experience will be eye opening! The Spiritual, Spirituality and Mind is a wonderful thing. We are all free beings, free spirits but conditioned throughout life by nurturing, childhood experiences, beliefs, restrictions, regrets, cultures, good and bad experiences, education, traumas and memories. But we are still free spirits if we see beyond these conditions!


Recent Articles

Thank You for the Past!

Turn negatives into positives and move on to a great 2012! Another year has gone by and already we are thinking about New Year's resolutions.

Before we get excited and look to the future, let's take a few moments to reflect on the past year. What have we achieved? .read more


Time Again for Dating - When Did You Last Write to Your Lover?

As many of you may be aware by reading my articles in the past, I have a Spirit Guide called Margaret Simpson (Maggi) who is my direct link with the Spirit World. So, naturally I wanted her input on this topic. I was not surprised to hear that 400 years ago things were more



Making Things Happen

I will show you how to make things happen and how to get in touch with your own psyche. The brain is a very powerful instrument! Just how powerful?… more



Feel Good for Life !

We all feel down and experience a lack of energy from time to time.

Whether it's feeling unattractive or letting yourself slip into general negativity, the 'Blues' are something that effects us all. Feeling down would normally manifest itself from the physical or mental state that we find ourselves more


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